Glow In The Dark Rally

Shirts at Student Store

Inderkum is holding our annual blackout rally Friday Feb. 7. This year we’ve chosen ‘Battle of The Golden Years’ as our theme. Freshmen and Seniors take on Sophomores and Juniors to see who holds the school’s title for best class year. On Feb 7 we follow a Rally schedule and the rally will take place following 6th period. The rally features new really fun games, a dance battle and EVERYTHING will glow. Speaking of glowing, we have some special blackout rally t-shirts for sale in the student store. The shirts will be $10 with ASB and $12 without ASB. Can’t purchase a shirt?! No worries, just remember to wear white and neon colors so you can glow with us. The more white you wear the more you’ll glow and we’ll have glow sticks to keep the glow going.

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