Inderkum Fundraiser for the Australian Bushfires

Last September wildfires broke out in Australia and continue to burn. We interviewed Inderkum High School’s Public Safety Pathway teacher and Firefighter Katie Cichy for an update on the fires, the volunteer firefighter effort and what students can do to help. Cichy told us that approximately 19 million acres have burned in Australia including personal property like houses and the fires have killed 5 firefighters. The flames continue to grow despite the rain they received, and koalas may be moved to the “endangered species list”. Firefighter Cichy talked about how her class has connected the Paradise fires to the Australian bushfires and learned about the amount of fire that rapidly spread. She also talked about ways students can help donate to Australia. They have a bucket in her classroom and a container has also been given to English classes, Broadcast Media and some art classes for collections. Staff and students can donate money and Cichy told us “100% of those donations are going to go to the firefighters.” She also mentioned a gofund me and website where you can buy clothes (link below). She said even if every single person donates $1 at Inderkum about $2,000 can be raised. Pictures and videos on the news and online show Australia’s fire with people and animals running for their lives and red skies that show the heat and severity of the fires. While Australian soldiers are helping with the animals by feeding and taking care of koalas, some American firefighters have even decided to travel to Australia and help calm the fires in any way they can. If you would like to help Australia you can find a classroom that has a donation box or you can donate at the gofundme australia account Cichy set up.If you would like to donate to another place make sure that at least 75% of the donations will go to Australia.

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